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The real reason homeowners hire us.. It's not what you think!

The decision to hire professionals usually comes down to a few things –

1. DIY Doesn’t Make Good Sense

For typical detached homes, around 140-200 hours of DIY work are needed to upkeep gardens & lawns over a season. That’s 20+ work days. Most homeowners would rather be doing anything else with that time.

2. It’s Exhausting Imagine changing the oil or brakes on your car without professional grade tools or experience. Just like mowing lawns and trimming shrubs, changing the oil and brakes are simple tasks, if done by a professional.

3. It Never Ends Maintenance is a battle against the elements and against nature itself, which is why there will always something to do. Scroll through our IG and you’ll see what we mean – never a dull moment.

That’s not to mention the array of tools and equipment that needs to be maintained, and the bags of yard waste that sit around waiting for collection day. There’s gotta be a better way!

Luckily, our carefully crafted maintenance plans make it easy to keep those gardens & lawns beautiful. Forever. There’s options for every budget! That's why choosing us is a great idea - you gain a dedicated team who will learn about your property and work with you regularly to ensure your needs are met. More than just products or services, you'll get a company you can trust for all your outdoor and indoor maintenance needs.

We value our clients and we appreciate your business. Our mission is to help you spend more time on things you love and less time on the things you don't.

So when you're ready to take back your time, send us an email or hop on the phone for a quick call. Our friendly and experienced crews strive to deliver the best client experience possible by catering to your individual needs. We're looking to get exactly what we’re offering – A mutually beneficial long-term partnership.

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