Great Lakes Maintenance is a premium provider of landscape management services in the Region of Waterloo & surrounding areas. We specialize in weekly lawn & garden maintenance along with detailed home cleaning for busy households and families.

We're constantly improving our process, tools & technologies and are committed to delivering the best service experience you've ever had! That being said.. 

Here's Why You Should Choose Us

Because You Support Local Small Businesses

We're not a national corporation or a franchise. Since 2018, we've been serving the great people of KW, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding areas from our one and only location in Waterloo. By choosing to support small business, you're ensuring the future of our community because 100% of your money is earned an invested back into the local community.

Because You Believe that Fair Wages are a Great Idea

We value and appreciate all the wonderful people that work with us to serve you and we support them by paying more than just the minimum wage so that they can afford to live in the same communities that they work in. Our efforts are certified by the Ontario Living Wage Network.

We want to have a quality business that helps support the lives of the people that work here and the community around us and by choosing us, you gain a dedicated crew of passionate individuals who are paid fairly and treated well so they enjoy coming in to work - for youSmall business, big heart! That's how we do.

Because You Care about your Carbon Footprint


Combustion engines are relics of the past and we want to do our part in helping change the course of this climate crisis not just for us, but our future generations. Starting 2022, we're switching to battery powered versions of everything we own from tools to vehicles. Say goodbye to the noise and pollution, say hello to the green revolution!

Because it's Time To Reclaim Your Freedom!

After everything you do for your family, friends, work and community, it's time to take care of yourself and enjoy your free time, knowing that the housework is taken care of.

When you're ready to take back your time, send us an email or hop on the phone for a quick call. Our friendly and experienced crews strive to deliver the best client experience possible by catering to your individual needs. We're looking to get exactly what we’re offering – A mutually beneficial long-term partnership.

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