Experience the Difference

Spotless Interiors, Forever.

If you have a busy schedule,

Have competing priorities for your attention, or

You believe housework is not the best use of your valuable time..

Our friendly & experienced cleaners specialize in bi-weekly & monthly routines, We require minimal oversight to ensure that your home or office environment looks clean & feels fresh all year long.  

In addition, we only use a house blend of eco-friendly products that are safe for people and pets!

Contact areas

High contact areas like window locks accumulate dirt & bacteria over time

It's important to prep & clean these surfaces regularly


Calcium & other mineral deposits can easily form hard stains

Nothing better than a fresh, clean shower!


Ovens, dishwashers, microwaves etc constantly get gummed up with grease and food particles. Enjoy a clean oven and prep your next meal in peace!

Oven Before_edited.jpg
Sketch Arrow Down_edited_edited_edited.p


Cobwebs, insects, dirt and grime.  We clean them all so you can kick back and enjoy the breeze!

Windows Before
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Windows After_edited.jpg


These forgotten areas are magnets for hair, dust & cobwebs. A little elbow grease goes a long way! 

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Baseboards before edited.jpg
Baseboards After_edited.jpg

The Great Deep Clean

Home cleans starting at $130

Condo or Apartment cleans starting at $70
No Contracts & No-Obligations

Get $200 in Skip, Uber or Doordash credits!