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  • What does the signup process look like?
    Our future clients begin their journey by submitting a contact form or calling/texting us at 866-519-2260 for a quick chat. Our estimators gather your information and schedule you in for a 20 minute step-by-step consult including: Detailed property walk-through with homeowners to map the areas of work Establishing the scope and your unique preferences Communication regarding budgets, timelines and TOS Formal estimate is finalized on the spot and emailed to you with a follow-up in 48 hours Once approved, maintenance or projects will begin within 2 weeks
  • How does billing work?
    Our maintenance packages are equal-billed for a 12 month period so if your plan starts in September, it will continue until the end of the season and pick up again next spring. At the end of your 12 month term, you may choose to renew the service if you wish! Your monthly bill will be sent out at the end of each month, for the following month. For example, your April invoice is issued on March 31st, and covers the entire month of April. Your May invoice is issued on April 31st and covers the entire month of May, and so on. We accept all major credit cards, Interac e-transfers and Certified checks
  • How soon can projects be scheduled?
    As soon as the next week! We usually leave openings in our week to accomodate new projects. Once the client has made a deposit (usually 50% of the estimate) we can schedule them in very quickly. In peak season, these timelines may be extended but in some cases where work is urgently required, we may be able to squeeze you in earlier on a best effort basis.
  • Why do homeowners pay for regular maintenance?
    Nobody likes spending the hot summer slaving away on garden chores. On the off chance that you do, please consider a career with us :) Most homeowners will spend up to 3 years of their life doing their own yard work. Don't even get us started on household chores. Ever wish you had more time? Read our blog to find out the 3 reasons why homeowners hire us! ​ Gardening Blog
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    At Great Lakes Maintenance, you are not locked into a contract. You may cancel at any time without incurring cancellation fees. As an example, if your maintenance plan started in May and you'd like to cancel at the end of July, we would unify your annual bill and prorate it to only account for the 3 months of services. Since a service season is roughly 26 weeks long, 3 months would account for about 50% of the service interval. Cancellation for any visits in the current month of subscription will not incur any pro-rated refund. For projects, we require a minimum of 1 weeks advance notice to cancel. If materials have already been purchased, they will need to be disposed of and a materials + disposal charge may be subtracted from the deposit before your refund is issued. If you're looking to cancel any of our services, please send us an email as soon as possible and we'll be happy to help you out!
  • What happens if I'm not satisfied with the work?
    We encourage our clients to reach out within 5 days of our last session so we can act quickly to remedy the problem. Your satisfaction is our mission!
  • What Covid protection measures have you implemented?
    To ensure everyone's safety (including yours) we've implemented the following sanitation standards - 1. Tools and equipment are cleaned and disinfected daily, 2. Face masks are mandatory, 3. Limiting in-person interactions with clients as much as possible. 4. Disinfecting all common touch areas at our offices 5. Carrying heavy duty surface disinfectants in our trucks at all times.
  • How does Great Lakes train and equip our crews?
    Great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals, which is why we put so much consideration into selecting only the best to join our team. Our technicians are equipped with the latest tools and equipment - This allows us to complete projects with minimal delays. They're provided industry leading training - both onsite and online - to ensure that your personal space is respected and given the care it deserves.
  • Why does Liability Insurance matter?
    Because nobody likes getting sued! Did you know that you're liable for uninsured crew members while they're on your property? If that seems unprofessional, that's because it is. We've gone the extra step via General Liability Insurance & WSIB coverage so that you can rest easy knowing that the crew AND the property are covered. For more details, contact us today for information on our current insurance records.
  • How do you get rid of weeds?
    There's a fine distinction in the way we operate regarding garden weeds - We pull them out by the roots every week. No line trimming, or flaming, or burying them under a ton of mulch. Pulling out the roots vs other methods ensures that the root subsystem doesn't regenerate like a Hydra and over time, you'll see them around less often.
  • How do I qualify for the Uber / Doordash / Skip credits?
    Simple! Simply sign up for one of our maintenance plans before the deadline and ensure your total annual payment is received before the start date. You will receive your credits within 30 days of your first session! If you have not received credits after 30 days, please contact us.
  • Loyalty earns Rewards
    Satisfied clients are the backbone of our growth. Your shout-outs and referrals are what we look forward to the most! ​ Have friends in need of garden & lawn help? Refer them to us and if they sign up, you'll both get a combined 30% off your maintenance plans for an entire year. We'll even plant flowers as a thankyou :) In addition, all confirmed one-off projects will earn you (and your referral) a cash bonus!
  • How do I submit a referral?
    Referrals must be submitted through email or our referral link. Before submitting a referral or anyone's personal information to Great Lakes Maintenance, be sure you have the person's permission to do so. If you later find out you did not have such permission, please inform us as soon as possible.
  • What are the eligibility requirements?
    To be eligible for a referral reward: Have the referral submitted through email or by using your unique referral link Be referred by a current Great Lakes Maintenance customer by the time of purchase Not be a self-referral Be over 18 years old Friend must be referred before they are engaged with the Great Lakes Maintenance Sales team
  • What counts as a qualifying purchase?
    As of March 1, 2022, the referred friend must purchase one of the following services in order to be eligible: Maintenance Plan(s) Sod installation Tree Service Home Cleaning (minimum 2 months of service)
  • What are the types of referral rewards?
    Referral rewards are sent in the form of a digital gift card, and you can select from over 80 vendors to chose the right reward for you.
  • Someone I referred made a purchase! When will I receive my reward?
    Referrals are paid out between 30-60 days after the friend you referred makes a qualifying purchase. All potentially eligible referrals are reviewed at the beginning of each month. If your referral is approved for a reward, we will reach out via email and request that you confirm your email address before sending you a link to claim your referral reward via digital gift card. If it has been more than 60 days and you have not received any communications from us about your referral reward, please email
  • My referral wasn't approved for a reward. Why?
    There are a number of reasons a referral may have been disqualified, including: Your referred friend was already engaged with the Sales team Your referred friend did not purchase a qualifying service Your referred friend hasn't yet hit the 30 day post-purchase threshold Your referral canceled their service You referred yourself If you believe your referral was mistakenly disqualified, please contact us. Great Lakes Maintenance has sole discretion to determine whether to grant a referral reward.
  • Can I refer my own business or organization?
    Individuals may not refer to themselves or their own businesses. This includes separate contacts at the same business or a second business that you are also associated with.
  • Is there a time limit for someone to use my referral
    Referrals expire after 45 days from the submission date
  • Communications
    Your first season of maintenance with us will likely be one where constant communication is required. Being part science and part artistic application, we aim to get to know you and your preferences better during this time and hope to apply that knowledge going forward to serve you better. Even though our maintenance plans only span ~6 months, we are available throughout the year if you have any thoughts, comments, concerns or questions at any time. The best way to ensure your questions, thoughts or suggestions are followed up on, is to communicate it directly through our communications portal (Asana) in addition to bringing it up with the crew leader responsible for your property. Written communication will ensure everyone is on the same page on a weekly basis. A link will be forwarded automatically to join Asana once the maintenance plan is activated. There are no additional costs involved in joining so please ensure that you’ve signed on as soon as possible.
  • Regular Maintenance Tasks
    Our maintenance plans are quite thorough and cover nearly every aspect of garden and lawn maintenance. Considering the time constraints our crews are under, please be aware that not every item/task listed on your specific maintenance plan will be completed every session. The seasonal nature of our work means that we have to be in sync with garden and lawn life cycles. The aim of our maintenance plans is to prioritize our time towards what we deem to be the most important aspects needing attention during a particular session. For example, if during maintenance sessions where the grass has not grown long enough to mow, is spotty, or weather conditions are really hot, we will defer cutting the grass to avoid the risk of scarring or shocking the lawn. Mowing, Trimming and/or Edging will be deferred as well, if deemed unnecessary or counterproductive to the long-term health of the lawn.
  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Scheduling (Outdoors Maintenance)
    If you require advance notice, we will try to accommodate your request to our best capabilities. However, due to the uncertain nature of our Canadian weather & other mitigating factors, we cannot reliably provide advance notice prior to arrival onsite for a maintenance session. Sometimes, due to prolonged inclement weather, fleet maintenance or other reasons, we may have to defer a regularly scheduled maintenance session. In the event that a session is deferred, we aim to catch up with the work in the following visits. Up to 4 weekly sessions or 2 bi-weekly sessions may be deferred per season (on average). For example - Accelerated seasonal rainfall may result in 2+ days of unworkable conditions for the crew (in a particular week). During such periods, it's usually understood that a scheduled session will be deferred to avoid frustrating conditions and potential damage to your property. This is a time where the gardens and lawns are fully saturated and therefore movement is highly restrictive. Please note that if you choose to work on your gardens/lawns alongside us, separately or during times when a session has been rescheduled, you agree to do so at your own time and expense. Great Lakes Maintenance Services Inc. will not reimburse such expenses, nor shall we agree to reduce the cost of maintenance plans as a result. Locked gates - If you prefer to keep the backyard gates are locked, we recommend installing combination locks and providing us with an approved key code or mobile login. We prefer not to keep gate keys in our possession due to the potential liability that might ensue as a result of misplacement.
  • Digital Recordings at your Property
    From time to time, we may take photos, videos and other recordings on your property for the following reasons: Internal recordkeeping of the maintenance session Providing client updates through Asana or email Educational purposes (training) Promotional or Marketing Great Lakes Maintenance Services holds full ownership of all photographic images and videos. As part of our agreement, Great Lakes Maintenance Services Inc., and its agencies, will have full permission to use photos and/or videos for our purposes. You may request the deletion of all such data 60 days after your account is closed.
  • Herbicide Sprays
    We do not perform chemical spraying ourselves - this service is subcontracted to a vetted external provider. Their schedules are not within our control but we will provide estimated timelines to the best of our knowledge. The subcontractor's failure to deliver on their commitment on time shall not be representative of our work ethic and will not be subject to a holdback of funds from payments.


Federal / Provincial Incentives & Benefits

Whether you rent or own, the Government of Canada provides tax relief for home maintenance costs. To find out if you're eligible, speak with your tax professional and check out the link below for more information.


Time for the money talk - What you can expect 

Because we specialize in long-term maintenance, our clients enjoy preferential pricing on ALL annual maintenance contracts as reflected on the pricing structure above.

For new projects, we follow Landscape Ontario's recommended guidelines at $80/hour/person plus supplies like yard bags, grass seeds etc. 

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